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Austin Business Journal: BigLever partner in $200M gov contract
October 15, 2010 -- BigLever Software was picked to participate in a $200 million U.S. Army training contract, the first of several large deals in the pipeline, officials said recently. The Austin-based company, bootstrapped about 10 years ago, provides systems and software product line framework, tools and services -- an emerging sector that helps companies more efficiently create, evolve, maintain and deliver product lines. >> more

Dr. Dobbs: Henry Ford Would 'Recoil' at SPL: The role of Software Product Lines
By Jonathan Erickson, Editor-in-Chief
September 24, 2010 -- Charles Krueger is founder of BigLever, a pioneer in software production lines. He recently spoke with Dr. Dobb's editor-in-chief Jonathan Erickson. >> more

SD Times: Organization works to blend application, product life-cycle management
By Katie Serignese, Asst Editor
May 28, 2010 -- As software moves toward equal ground with hardware in industries such as automobiles, aerospace and defense, application life-cycle management (ALM) and product life-cycle management (PLM) are blending as well. >> more

CNET: IBM partners on 'smart' wind system
By Candice Lombari, CNET Blog Network Author
October 6, 2010 -- IBM announced today it has partnered with Alstom Wind Power and Ikerlan-IK4 to develop an automated platform for better manipulating wind turbines and predicting their output of electricity. Using IBM's existing Rational Software originally intended for model-driven development, and its BigLever Gears, originally intended for product line engineering, Alstom Wind Power and Ikerlan-IK4 have developed an automated wind control development platform. >> more

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