BigLever Bridge Partner Program

The Bridge Partner Program is designed for an open industry ecosystem of world-class tool providers – including developers of commercial, open source, customized, integrated or proprietary Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools – for the benefit of customers and user communities across the industry at large.

As a BigLever Bridge Partner, you can become part of the PLE ecosystem and help meet the increasing demand for PLE solutions by creating your own PLE bridges for your tools.

Leverage the power of the Gears PLE Lifecycle Framework.

BigLever's industry-standard Gears PLE Lifecycle Framework provides the technology foundation for making your tools part of the PLE ecosystem. The Bridge Partner Program allows you to connect to the Gears PLE Lifecycle Framework via the new PLE Bridge API, making your tools "product line aware" and ready to be included in the unified PLE solutions used by your customers or user communities. (Click image to enlarge.)

Access the Gears Bridge SDK.

The Bridge Partner Program gives you access to the Gears Bridge SDK, the companion development kit for the PLE Bridge API. The Gears Bridge SDK provides the complete package of documentation, examples and support materials you need to build and deliver consistent, compatible, validated PLE bridge products. BigLever also provides email and phone support for Bridge Partner developers.

Take advantage of the Bridge Validation process.

BigLever's Bridge Validation process allows you to collaborate with BigLever and demonstrate, through a series of validation steps, that the PLE bridge integration for your tool fully supports the PLE capabilities defined in the Gears Bridge SDK. Your integration will be featured as a Validated Bridge on the BigLever website – and you will be able to display the BigLever Validated Bridge logo, in order to clearly convey to the world that your "product line aware" tool fully supports the industry's best and most successful PLE practices.

Collaborate with BigLever to address the PLE needs of your customers or user communities.

Your Bridge partnership with BigLever isn't just about technology – its also about understanding and meeting the unique PLE needs of your customers or user communities. As the world leader in PLE, BigLever offers valuable insights and expertise to help you identify and address your users' PLE challenges through collaborative sales, marketing and consulting.

Download the BigLever Bridge Partner Program Overview.