Product Line Engineering Bridge
for Aras

BigLever offers the following Bridge solution for Aras tools:

Innovator/Gears Bridge™: Enables engineering organizations to utilize Innovator bill of materials (BOM) as first-class engineering assets in the Gears PLE lifecycle and Gears PLE constructs as first-class mechanisms for managing product line diversity in Innovator BOMs.

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More specifically, the Innovator/Gears Bridge allows users to:

  • Use PLE mechanisms to manage the diversity for a full product line in a single, consolidated BOM, as a highly scalable alternative to cloned copies.
  • Automatically configure BOM parts for different products by making feature choices in a Gears feature profile.
  • Convert BOM parts into Gears variation points to encapsulate the PLE diversity for that part, whether the part is an assembly, component, material, or software.
  • Use one or more BOMs in a larger collection of shared assets across the full engineering lifecycle for a product line portfolio.
  • Perform integrated PLE operations – such as product configuration, variation point editing and variation impact analysis – directly from Innovator menus and forms.