Product Line Engineering BridgesIBM Rational
for IBM Rational

BigLever offers the following Bridge solutions for IBM Rational tools:

DOORS/Gears Bridge™ and DOORS Next Generation/Gears Bridge™: Enables product line diversity to be encapsulated by converting DOORS requirements into Gears variation points. Requirements can be automatically configured based on Gears feature profiles, in synchrony with other assets across all lifecycle stages.

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Rhapsody/Gears Bridge™: Enables the management of product line diversity in a single, consolidated MDD model. Model behaviors for different products can be automatically configured by making feature choices in a Gears feature profile. Provides product line engineering (PLE) extensions for SysML and UML.

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Rational Quality Manager/Gears Bridge™: Allows test case diversity to be defined based on product line features and test plans to be managed as product line assets in the development lifecycle.

BigLever's integration products also include Bridge Connectors for the Gears Universal Configuration Management Bridge™. These connector solutions provide the seamless integration of time-based configuration management (CM) and feature-based variation management for product line assets in the Gears PLE Lifecycle Framework, enabling the automated execution of associated CM operations as the product line evolves. BigLever's CM Bridge Connectors for Rational tools include:

  • ClearCase/Gears Connector™
  • Synergy/Gears Connector™
  • Rational Team Concert/Gears Connector™

In addition to Bridge solutions, BigLever and IBM Rational offer methodology integrations for IBM's Focal Point and Rational Publishing Engine products.