Product Line Engineering Bridge
for MadCap Software

BigLever offers the following Bridge solution for MadCap tools:

Flare/Gears Bridge™: Provides fully integrated documentation management and product line engineering capabilities. With the Flare/Gears Bridge solution, engineering organizations can utilize: 1) Flare projects as first-class shared assets in the Gears PLE lifecycle, and 2) Gears constructs as first-class mechanisms for managing document diversity across the lifecycle and an entire product line.

Data Sheet: BigLever Integration Solutions for MadCap
Press Release: BigLever Partners with MadCap

Specifically, the Flare/Gears Bridge allows users to:

  • Use PLE mechanisms to manage document diversity for a full product line from a single, consolidated Flare project, as a highly scalable alternative to cloned copies or adhoc variation techniques.
  • Automatically configure documents for individual products based on Gears feature profiles, in synchrony with other assets in all lifecycle stages.
  • Convert any Flare topic, section, or text into a Gears variation point to encapsulate PLE diversity.
  • Perform integrated PLE operations – such as product configuration, variation point editing and variation impact analysis – directly from Flare menus.