Product Line Engineering Bridge
for Microsoft

BigLever offers the following Bridge solution and enhanced Gears support for Microsoft tools:

Visual Studio/Gears Bridge™: Enables Microsoft developers to access and utilize the Gears Product Line Engineering Lifecycle Framework directly from the Visual Studio user interface and menus. Key capabilities of the Bridge include:

  • Provides direct access to the Gears variation point mechanism that can be uniformly applied to product line assets – such as source code, test cases, word-based documents and so forth – to manage feature-based variations in all stages of the development lifecycle.
  • Enables the Gears product configurator to be actuated from within Visual Studio to automatically assemble and configure assets and their variation points – based on feature selections made in the feature model – to produce all of the products in the product line portfolio, with the push of a single button.

Gears Support for Microsoft Office Suite: Enhanced Gears capabilities are also provided for enabling the efficient management of product line variations in Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents by automatically producing different flavors of data worksheets, requirements, user guides and manuals, presentations, legal documents and contracts, instructions to distributers, and so forth.