Product Line Engineering Bridges
for Open Source

BigLever offers the following Bridge solutions for Open Source tools:

Eclipse/Gears Bridge™: Enables developers to access and utilize the Gears Product Line Engineering Lifecycle Framework directly from the Eclipse user interface and menus. Key capabilities of the Bridge include:

  • Overview:
    Data Sheet: BigLever Integration Solutions for Open Source
    Allows users to employ the Gears feature model, from within the Eclipse tool, to express the feature diversity for all the products in a product line portfolio -- including optional and varying feature choices.

  • Provides access to the Gears variation point mechanism that can be uniformly applied to product line assets – such as source code, test cases, text documents and so forth – to manage feature-based variations in all lifecycle stages.

  • Enables the Gears product configurator to be actuated from within Eclipse. With the Gears configurator, users can automatically assemble and configure assets and their variation points – based on feature selections made in the feature model – to produce all of the products in the product line portfolio, with the push of a single button.

BigLever's integration products also include Bridge Connectors for the Gears Universal Configuration Management Bridge™, including the following Bridge Connectors for Open Source tools:

  • Subversion/Gears Connector™
  • CVS/Gears Connector™

These connector solutions provide the seamless integration of time-based configuration management (CM) and feature-based variation management for product line assets in the Gears Framework, enabling the automated execution of associated CM operations as the product line evolves.