Product Line Engineering Bridge
for Perforce

BigLever offers the following Bridge solution for Perforce tools:

Perforce/Gears Connectorâ„¢ for the Universal Configuration Management Bridge:
Provides seamless integration of time-based configuration management (CM) and feature-based variation management for product assets in the Gears Product Line Engineering Lifecycle Framework, enabling the automated execution of CM operations as the product line evolves.

Data Sheet: BigLever Integration Solutions for Perforce
Press Release: BigLever Partners with Perforce

More specifically, the Perforce/Gears Connector enables the associated CM operations to be automatically executed in Perforce when the following commands are performed in Gears:

  • New common files or directories, variation points, and product line data files are created.
  • Existing common files or directories are converted into variation points.
  • Product line data or source files are edited.
  • Product line data files, source files, or source directories are renamed.

BigLever's CM Bridge solutions also allow both online and offline operation, so that users can continue to work effectively when disconnected from their CM system – for example, when traveling with their laptops.