BigLever White Paper: Product Line Engineering Comes to the Industrial Mainstream

Product Line Engineering (PLE) is the engineering of a product line using a shared set of engineering assets, a managed set of features, and an efficient means of production – taking advantage of the commonality shared across the family, and efficiently and systematically managing the variation among the products. Managing a portfolio as a single entity with variation, as opposed to a multitude of separate products, brings enormous efficiencies in product line production and maintenance.

This paper provides insight into the maturation of PLE into a repeatable, industrial-strength engineering discipline with an established pedigree of providing substantial improvements in development time, cost, and product quality, compared to the traditional one-product-at-a-time engineering approach. It defines and explores the concepts central to modern PLE, and illustrates how PLE is being applied in two of the most challenging systems engineering domains of all: aerospace and defense, and automotive.

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