Tech-Clarity Webinar & Spotlight Article:
Product Line Engineering – Increasing Competitive Advantage by Reducing Complexity Across the Lifecycle

As the sophistication of manufactured, software-intensive products continually advances, the associated engineering and operational complexity and risk grow right alongside the business opportunities. This mounting complexity spans the full lifecycle – from portfolio planning to engineering, manufacturing, sales, and service.

In this webinar, Michelle Boucher, Tech-Clarity's VP of Research for Engineering Software, joins BigLever CEO Dr. Charles Krueger to explore the need for a unified approach across three key disciplines: product line engineering (PLE) for managing product variation, application lifecycle management (ALM) for managing software-intensive systems, and product lifecycle management (PLM) for managing mechanically intensive systems and operations. This webinar provides insight into:

  • How forward-thinking organizations are achieving competitive advantage through innovative PLE approaches that fundamentally change the way product lines are engineered.
  • Insights regarding how embedded software, combined with the ability to tailor products through PLE approaches, enables organizations to differentiate products, streamline development efforts and boost profitability.
  • How to leverage the combined strengths of PLE, ALM, and PLM to achieve whole factor improvements in efficiency, cost reduction, time-to-market, product line scalability and quality.
  • Strategies for reducing variant management complexity by establishing a "single source of feature truth" for all software, electronic, mechanical and operations artifacts across the engineering V.
  • How a unified feature-based PLE approach facilitates better interoperability across software, electrical and mechanical teams, and improves cross-functional alignment between engineering and business operations.

The Tech-Clarity Spotlight Article, authored by analyst Michelle Boucher, is a companion piece to the webinar. It provides an overview of the key issues and trends, strategic insights, research data, and recommendations addressed in the webinar.

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