BigLever Software Announces Eclipse Integration for its Gears Software Product Line Development Tool

AUSTIN, Texas – May 21, 2007 - BigLever Software™ the leading provider of software product line development tools and services, today announced the availability of an Eclipse plug-in for its Gears software product line development solution. The new Eclipse plug-in enables Gears users to seamlessly integrate software product line engineering capabilities into their existing toolset across the product development lifecycle.

“For organizations taking advantage of the Eclipse platform, our new plug-in makes it easy to incorporate software product line capabilities into current development methods and processes,” said Charles Krueger, chief executive officer of BigLever Software. “This ease-of-integration is synergistic with our mission to enable companies to adopt leading-edge software product line approaches in a manner that is minimally invasive and non-disruptive to their existing development environment or product delivery schedules.”

By adding BigLever’s Gears to the toolset in an Eclipse development environment, organizations focused on product development can create, maintain and evolve an entire software product line portfolio, across the full development lifecycle, as though it is a single product. The Eclipse integration for Gears is enabling BigLever customers to rapidly expand their product line portfolios with only fractional increases in time, cost and effort over developing a single product. This innovative approach offers a strategic competitive advantage through order-of-magnitude improvements in engineering productivity, portfolio scalability, time-to-market for new products, and product quality.

About BigLever Software and Gears

BigLever Software’s patent-pending software product line solution, Gears, addresses the unique challenges of engineering software for a portfolio of similar products. Gears shifts the development focus from a multitude of products to a single software production line capable of automatically producing all of the products in a portfolio. The solution can be used in any or all stages of the portfolio development lifecycle, for more effective requirements management, change and configuration management, source code development, software builds, testing, and document development. BigLever is based in Austin, Texas.

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