BigLever Software's Gears 4.0 Reduces Development Costs and Speeds Time-to-Market for Standalone or Embedded Software Product Lines

AUSTIN, Texas - July 26, 2005 - BigLever Software™, a leading provider of software product line development tools and services, announced the release of Gears 4.0, an innovative solution that dramatically simplifies the way development organizations engineer standalone or embedded software for a product line. With Gears, development teams can cut overhead costs and bring new product line features and products to market faster, enabling businesses to more reliably target and hit strategic market windows.

In today's customer-driven environment, most companies target the needs of their prospective customers by creating a product line -- a collection of closely related products with variations in features and functions -- rather than just a single product. For development organizations, creating and maintaining standalone or embedded software for a product line presents a problem. Most development tools and techniques focus on the creation of individual products and do not address the unique challenges of developing multiple products within a software product line.

"Without adequate tools and techniques, developing software for a product line is extremely complex. Developers must create, evolve and maintain intertwined software combinations and feature variations, dispersed across multiple products, on different production schedules, and aimed at moving target markets," said Charles Krueger, BigLever CEO and Founder. "Managing this multiplicity, variation and interdependency creates an exponentially complex and expensive development problem. With Gears 4.0, BigLever is providing a practical, proven software product line development approach for simplifying these complexities and reducing development overhead."

"Not since the advent of high-level programming languages have we seen such across-the-board order-of-magnitude improvements in productivity, time to market, and quality brought about by the advent of software product line practice," said Paul Clements, coauthor of the book Software Product Lines and Senior Member of the Technical Staff at the Software Engineering Institute.

While software product line technologies promise tremendous potential gains, real world implementations have been inhibited due to significant upfront adoption barriers, perceived by most development organizations as insurmountable. Now, BigLever is removing these adoption barriers so that development organizations can reap immediate benefits from implementing a software product line practice -- without negatively impacting productivity or product delivery schedules during the transition. Gears allows development organizations to transition to a software product line approach by leveraging their existing software assets -- source code, architecture and processes.

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