Gears enables software developers to consolidate, simplify and leverage the development of software product lines:

Consolidate core assets: Gears is used throughout a software development organization to create and maintain a single, consolidated collection of core software assets. While some core software assets are common to all products, others are optional or will vary from product to product. Gears variation points encapsulate the optional and varying software in the core software assets.

Simplify and automate production: Gears automates the production of all of the products in a product line. With Gears, every product has a product definition that describes its profile of optional and varying features. Given a product definition, Gears can automatically instantiate the variation points to fully compose and configure all of the software needed for that particular product.

Leverage software development competencies: With the core assets and automated production provided by Gears, organizations can eliminate up to 90% of day-to-day development overhead. For example, developers can correct a bug or add an upgrade in one place in the core assets and automatically regenerate a new version of all products.

Gears is agnostic to programming languages and operating systems, making it easy to use in both new and legacy code bases. It extends rather than replaces capabilities of existing software development tools, making it easy to integrate into established development environments. Based on BigLever's innovative software mass customization methodology, Gears has enabled the shortest transitions to software product line practice and has proven to be the most efficient form of software reuse in the industry.

About Gears 4.0. With the release of Gears 4.0, BigLever introduces intuitive simplifications to its user experience and powerful field-driven extensions to its modeling language:

  • Variation Points: Enhancements to the modeling language to enable higher levels of software reuse in fine-grained variation points with complex feature interactions.
  • User experience: Simplified and unified interfaces for all of the Gears software product line modeling editors.
  • Skill levels: Addition of multiple editor views and styles to allow use by a broader audience of developers with varying skill levels.

About BigLever. BigLever Software, a leading provider of software product line development tools and services, dramatically simplifies the creation, evolution and maintenance of embedded or standalone software for a product line. BigLever’s patent-pending solution, Gears™, enables software development organizations to reduce development costs and bring new product line features and products to market faster, enabling businesses to more reliably target and hit strategic market windows. BigLever is based in Austin, Texas. For more information on BigLever, e-mail, call (512) 777-9552 or visit

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