BigLever Software Introduces Gears 5.2™ to Streamline Early Stages of Portfolio Lifecycle Management

Gears 5.2 Enables the Integration of Requirements Management with Software Product Line Development to Reduce Time-to-Market and Production Costs

AUSTIN, Texas - June 19, 2006 - BigLever Software™, a leading provider of software product line development tools and services, today announced the release of Gears 5.2™, delivering new capabilities for streamlining key early stages of portfolio lifecycle management. With this new product version organizations can integrate requirements management with the innovative feature modeling and selection capabilities delivered by software product line development approaches. The efficient integration of these technologies simplifies the portfolio development lifecycle and significantly reduces time-to-market and production costs.

Managing requirements across the product line becomes increasingly complex and time-consuming as companies introduce diverse capabilities and feature sets into their growing portfolios. Today, Gears 5.2 integrates existing requirements management tools with software product line development capabilities, therefore providing organizations the ability to create and manage requirements across the entire product line portfolio. As a result, improved collaboration and more efficient communication between product management and engineering/development teams are attained.

"Complexity is increasing with regards to requirements for product life cycle management, as well as for the software development life cycle," said Melinda Ballou, Program Director for Application Life Cycle Management at IDC. "Foggy and mismanaged requirements inevitably lead to project irrelevance or failure, at the best of times. Better coordination and collaboration is enabled through access to core business needs to drive increasingly complicated, global product and software development projects."

“Gears 5.2 was created in response to increased customer demand for integrating requirements management tools with software product line development approaches,” said Charles Krueger, chief executive officer of BigLever Software. “Gears 5.2 reflects the first step in addressing the convergence of software product lines (SPL) for software portfolio development, application lifecycle management (ALM) for the development lifecycle of individual software products, and product lifecycle management (PLM) for the development lifecycle of mechanical CAD product portfolios.”

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