BigLever Software Delivers Innovative Capabilities for the Rapid Extension and Evolution of a Product Line Portfolio

Gears 5.3™ Leverages Feature Based Portfolio Evolution to Decrease Time-to-Market and Increase Product Line Scalability

AUSTIN, Texas – February 26, 2007 - BigLever Software™, a leading provider of software product line development tools and services, today announced the release of Gears 5.3™, delivering innovative capabilities for the rapid growth, extension and evolution of a product line portfolio. By allowing development organizations to engineer their portfolio as a single system rather than multiple products, this new version of Gears enables businesses to easily and quickly develop and deploy new products using a simple feature based portfolio evolution approach.

With Gears 5.3, companies can evolve their entire portfolio using concise feature profiles that facilitate the easy addition or modification of feature requirements to meet customer need or market demand. Managing products according to feature profiles enhances collaboration and simplifies coordination across the business unit – from product marketing to engineering and development – so that new feature concepts can be rapidly incorporated into portfolio development, testing and deployment. Because of the increased scalability and ease of adding new products, the number of products in the portfolio becomes less relevant. This number can scale to the size needed to meet market opportunities, rather than being inhibited by development cost or resource limitations.

“Gears feature based portfolio capabilities are redefining the way companies create and evolve their product line,” said Charles Krueger, chief executive officer of BigLever Software. “Gears allows product marketing and development teams to meet in the morning, have a concise discussion about creating a new product, identify the specific features or features combinations needed – and by that afternoon the new product is a fully specified and configured member of the portfolio.”

Product marketing and development teams can use Gears 5.3 to negotiate future work and product line scope according to the cost/benefit of adding features to the portfolio. Product marketing can easily extend the portfolio by requesting explicit feature variations relative to existing products. This feature based approach significantly improves communication and alignment between product marketing and development – and eliminates the independent, heavyweight management of each product throughout the lifecycle, including cloned requirements documents, independent test cycles, and so forth.

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