About Gears 5.3

Gears is a software product line development tool that addresses the unique challenges of engineering software for a portfolio of similar products. Gears shifts the development focus from a multitude of products to a single software production line capable of automatically producing all of the products in a portfolio. Gears can be used in any or all stages of the portfolio development lifecycle, for more effective requirements management, change and configuration management, source code development, software builds, testing, and document development.

Gears 5.3 delivers the following new features and enhancements:

Feature Matrix Wizard

  • Provides a simple table-based view of product features so that product marketing and development teams can easily review and select specific features for specific products.
  • Automatically guides non-technical users (such as product marketing or sales) in viewing, selecting and extending product feature sets in order to map new market/customer requirements to current and extended portfolio capabilities.
  • Streamlines product planning and reduces “negotiation” cycles by allowing product marketing and development teams to easily:
    • identify if a new product is within or outside of the scope of the current feature set
    • extend the product line based on clear, concise view of new feature variations relative to existing products and features
  • Allows companies to fully leverage development assets and improve product quality by maximizing reuse of features and components that have been tested and proven.
  • Captures the interrelationships of the portfolio software components and provides composition rules while facilitating faster and better feature selections.

About BigLever. BigLever Software, a leading provider of software product line development tools and services, dramatically simplifies the creation, evolution and maintenance of embedded or standalone software for a product line portfolio. BigLever’s patent-pending solution, Gears, enables software development organizations to reduce development costs and bring new product line features and products to market faster, enabling businesses to more reliably target and hit strategic market windows. BigLever is based in Austin, Texas. For more information on BigLever, e-mail info@biglever.com, call (512) 777-9552 or visit www.biglever.com.

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