BigLever Software Delivers a Unified Software Product Line Framework for Integration Across the Full Development Lifecycle

Gears 5.4 Provides Simple, Uniform Product Line Infrastructure for Leveraging Existing Software Development Toolsets and Software Assets

AUSTIN, Texas – November 19, 2007 – BigLever Software™, the leading provider of software product line development tools and services, is delivering a unified software product line framework across the full systems and software development lifecycle. With this innovative yet pragmatic approach and the release of Gears 5.4™, the latest version of BigLever’s software product line engineering solution, organizations now have the ability to develop and evolve a product line portfolio, smoothly and efficiently through each stage of the lifecycle, from requirements to design, development and testing.

Product development organizations often employ ad hoc, homegrown software product line (SPL) solutions and methods at each stage of the lifecycle across the organization, creating isolated silos of interest and concerns. As a result, the SPL lifecycle is mired with dissonance between the various stages. The unified framework provided by BigLever Software Gears allows the SPL development process to flow cleanly from stage to stage by eliminating silos and providing common SPL concepts, constructs, tools and methods throughout the lifecycle – for requirements engineers, architects, modelers, developers, build engineers, configuration managers, test engineers and project managers.

“As organizations mature in their understanding and mastery of software product line engineering, the issue of an integrated lifecycle becomes increasingly important,” said Charles Krueger, chief executive officer of BigLever Software. “The product line problem cannot be solved at any one stage. To be truly effective, a software product line approach must harmonize the entire lifecycle, end-to-end. BigLever is leading the industry in delivering a SPL Lifecycle Framework that provides common SPL capabilities for all tools and all assets across the lifecycle.”

BigLever and Telelogic recently demonstrated the power of the framework by rapidly integrating the Telelogic Rhapsody® Model Driven Development™ environment for embedded systems and software into the Gears SPL framework. “Our mutual customers made it clear to Telelogic and BigLever that they needed an integrated software product line framework and model-driven development solution,” said Greg Sikes, executive vice president, Telelogic Modeling Solutions Product Division. “We have been very successful in integrating Telelogic Rhapsody with BigLever Gears. The Gears solution provides the underlying capabilities needed to integrate and leverage tools and assets across the lifecycle.”

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