About BigLever Software Gears 5.4

The Gears software product line tool and framework integrates easily into existing software development environments, providing uniform constructs and operations across toolsets, as well as new and legacy software assets. Gears 5.4 is broadly compatible with existing programming languages and compilers, integrated development environments, requirements management systems, configuration management systems, build tools, model-driven development tools, word processors and documentation tools, testing tools, and so forth.

With the release of Gears 5.4, BigLever continues to remove barriers for companies transitioning to software product line practice by enhancing its robust tool and asset integration capabilities, bringing even greater efficiency to the transition process:

  • Extended Gears SPL framework APIs for integrating development tools that use proprietary internal data models and databases.
  • Expansion of powerful built-in text transformations to ease migration from complex, fine-grained source code variation conventions used in legacy software assets.
  • Configurable, programming language-specific “block” constructs to enable straightforward conversion of pervasive, ad hoc source code block conventions into first-class Gears SPL variation points.

For companies interested in taking advantage of the time-to-market and portfolio scalability benefits of software product lines, BigLever Software Gears offers a simple, elegant, integrated solution across the full development lifecycle: one consolidated collection of software assets, one consolidated mechanism for portfolio variation management, and one consolidated system for producing all products in a portfolio.

About BigLever. BigLever Software, the leading provider of software product line development framework, tools and services, dramatically simplifies the creation, evolution and maintenance of embedded or standalone software for a product line portfolio. BigLever’s patent-pending solution, Gears, enables software development organizations to reduce development costs and bring new product line features and products to market faster, enabling businesses to more reliably target and hit strategic market windows. BigLever is based in Austin, Texas.

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