BigLever Software Helps Bridge the Communication Gap Between Product Marketing and Software Development to Streamline Product Line Evolution

BigLever Announces Development Tool Breakthrough at the 9th International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC 2005)

AUSTIN, Texas - September 26, 2005 - BigLever Software™, a leading provider of software product line development tools and services, is delivering new capabilities that help align product marketing with software development to streamline the creation and evolution of products within a product line. The release of Gears™ 5.0 marks the industry’s first integrated engineering solution designed to facilitate the translation of market need into software product line models. BigLever announced its Gears 5.0 product release today at the 9th International Software Product Line Conference in Rennes, France.

Gears provides a common language for product marketing and software development teams to communicate about the differentiating features that vary from product to product within the scope of a software product line. Gears provides visual editors and representations that function much like a spreadsheet and are used by product marketing to translate market requirements into specific combinations of product features, capabilities and benefits. These same editors and representations provide an architectural view for the software development team to model and plan their product line implementation, based on these market-driven feature combinations.

For many companies, communication between product marketing and software development about the scope and evolution of their product line is unstructured, imprecise and rife with misalignment. As a result, the product planning and negotiation process can become acrimonious, hindering effective collaboration. Most organizations face significant challenges in establishing the clarity and shared understanding needed to translate differentiating market/customer requirements into engineering effort, product line scope, and production scheduling. A lack of adequate tool support makes it difficult to capture and convey – at a high level – the features and capabilities of existing software assets that can be leveraged to create new products, or where new features are needed to extend the scope of a product line into new markets.

"The challenges that companies face in aligning product development with strategic business objectives are especially prevalent in the design and development of multiple products within a product line. The communication gap that typically exists between marketing and development organizations can have a huge negative impact on a company’s ability to react to expanding or changing market demand,” said Charles Krueger, CEO of BigLever Software. “With Gears 5.0, BigLever brings exciting new capabilities that establish a common language for bridging the gap between development and adjacent departments, enabling better coordination and execution of product line objectives and roadmaps."

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