BigLever Software Opens New Frontiers for Systems and Software Product Line Delivery

Gears 6.1 Enhances Collaboration and Communication Between Business and Engineering Teams to Maximize the Core Business Value of a Product Line

AUSTIN, Texas - May 17, 2010 - BigLever Software™, the leading provider of systems and software product line (SPL) engineering framework, tools and services, announced today the release of Gears™ 6.1, the latest version of the company's industry-leading SPL solution. Gears 6.1 enhances communication and collaboration between business, marketing and engineering teams by bringing a new level of visibility to the creation and evolution of a product line portfolio. Gears, enables companies to grow the scope and scale of their product line based on business goals and revenue opportunities, rather than the company's engineering capacity or product line delivery limitations.

With BigLever's Gears SPL solution, companies can manage their entire product line portfolio as a single, automated production system rather than a multitude of products. This innovative “single system” approach allows engineering organizations to transition from conventional product-centric practices to highly efficient SPL engineering. As a result, the business side of the organization can leverage dramatic engineering improvements to successfully target and hit new market windows, and ultimately, achieve greater profitability.

This new Gears release delivers graphical capabilities that allow product line features to become the lingua franca - or common language - for both business and engineering. Gears 6.1 provides a graphical visualization of product line features that enables technical and non-technical teams to easily evaluate feature choices and make collaborative management and return-on-investment decisions. This “feature based product line delivery” approach enables companies to maximize the core business value of a product line, while driving highly efficient engineering activities across the entire development lifecycle - from business case and analysis, to requirements, design, implementation, testing, delivery, maintenance and evolution.

According to Bola Rotibi, Principal Analyst with MWD (Macehiter Ward-Dutton), BigLever's feature based product line delivery approach leverages manufacturing production line concepts by providing a pragmatic, workable methodology for managing the evolution of systems and software. “Feature based product line delivery is a clear contender for the most appropriate approach and framework for bringing together and managing the convergence between software delivery lifecycles and product lifecycle processes - successfully and repeatedly,” said Analyst Robiti.

While much attention and technology has been dedicated to the engineering side of the emerging practice of systems and software product lines, BigLever has recognized and is filling a critical need in the business of product lines,” said Charles Krueger, BigLever CEO. “With Gears 6.1, we are providing significant new graphical capabilities that bridge the gap between business and engineering, enabling our customers to achieve their business-critical product line delivery goals.”

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