Introducing BigLever Software Gears 7.0

Systems and Software Product Line Engineering (PLE) is a game changer. Companies across a spectrum of industries are discovering the power of PLE for changing the fundamentals of how they create, evolve, deliver and compete with their product lines.

With the release of Gears 7.0, BigLever Software is establishing an industry ecosystem model for PLE, offering an open opportunity for systems and software engineering tool makers to join the PLE revolution.

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Gears 7.0 provides the API to the PLE revolution.

Gears 7.0 delivers a new API – the PLE Bridge API – that enables engineering tool developers to create bridges that integrate their tools with the industry-standard Gears PLE Lifecycle Framework.

For developers of commercial, open source, customized, integrated or proprietary engineering tools, creating bridges between your tools and the Gears Framework makes your tools "product line aware."

Furthermore, these bridges enable your tools to work synchronously with other "product line aware" tools across the full engineering lifecycle.

As a result, your tools will operate seamlessly, efficiently and effectively as part of the unified PLE lifecycle toolsets used by your customers or user communities. (Click image to enlarge.)

BigLever also provides the Gears Bridge SDK, a development kit that helps you to quickly and easily create the bridges between your tools and the PLE Bridge API. In addition, BigLever's Bridge Validation process will help ensure that your PLE-enabled tools fully support the industry's best and most successful PLE practices.

Interested in building PLE bridges for your tools and offering these valuable new PLE extensions to your customers or user communities? Learn more about the BigLever Bridge Partner Program.

The Gears PLE Lifecycle Framework provides the platform.

BigLever's Gears PLE Lifecycle Framework provides the technology foundation for unified PLE solutions.

Gears enables engineering organizations to establish an automated, feature-based production system – much like a manufacturing factory – for creating, assembling and configuring systems and software engineering assets, such as requirements, models, designs, source code, test cases and documentation.

With Gears, you create a "supply chain" of feature-configurable PLE assets and feed these into a feature-based product configurator to automatically produce the engineering assets for the different "flavors" of products in your product line portfolio, all with the push of a single button.

Collaboration for a complete PLE ecosystem.

Now, all systems and software engineering tool makers can join the PLE revolution, building bridges in order to become part of the PLE ecosystem of consistent, compatible, and fully unified PLE solutions.

Gears 7.0 is scheduled for beta release on April 9th and general availability release on May 22nd.

Let your PLE revolution begin.
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