BigLever Software Provides Second Generation Product Line Engineering Capabilities for U.S. Army's Consolidated Product Line Management (CPM) Program

BigLever's Second Generation product line approach enables streamlined, cost-effective software management for CPM program

AUSTIN, Texas - October 25, 2010. - BigLever Software™, the leading provider of systems and software product line (SPL) engineering framework, tools and services, announced today that the company is providing second generation (2G) product line engineering capabilities as part of General Dynamics C4 Systems-led Team CPM. The five-year, $200 million CPM contract was awarded by the U.S. Army's Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) to improve the Army's ability to consolidate and efficiently manage the diverse elements of its live combat training system product lines and streamlining the process for rapidly adapting systems and equipment to changing missions and threats.

BigLever's industry-standard Gears SPL solution enables organizations to develop, deliver and evolve systems and software for a product line portfolio with much higher degrees of efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness than have been possible before. General Dynamics' Team CPM will employ BigLever's 3-tiered SPL Methodology and Gears SPL Lifecycle Framework in the execution of the contract. The contract also establishes a consolidated framework for integrating systems and software assets, tools and processes - across each stage of the development lifecycle - for the management and delivery of products and support to home station and combat training centers worldwide

"Through CPM, the General Dynamics team will reduce fielding time, minimize acquisition costs, lower total ownership costs and promote the reuse of software and hardware components for training systems," says Ralph Whitney, director of Training, Simulation and Support Systems for Battle Management at General Dynamics C4 Systems.

BigLever's 2G product line engineering capabilities enable the creation of a single, automated production system - much like a manufacturing factory - that utilizes product feature profiles to automatically assemble and configure the assets needed to produce an entire product line portfolio. With this factory approach, BigLever enables the rapid development and deployment of new refinements, variations and enhancements to the Army's training system product lines with significantly less development effort.

"General Dynamics is demonstrating outstanding industry leadership by leveraging the strategic benefits of 2G product line engineering," said Charles Krueger, CEO, BigLever Software. "The CPM Program marks another significant milestone for the product line engineering community and BigLever, through validation of the advanced and pragmatic capabilities offered by this latest best-of-breed approach."

About 2G Product Line Engineering
As a member of Team CPM, BigLever is providing 2G product line engineering capabilities that will enable the CPM Program to:

  • Utilize the factory approach to automate production of a wide variety of simulation and training solutions from a consolidated supply chain of configurable assets - replacing complex and labor-intensive first generation (1G) product line engineering techniques.
  • Eliminate the duplication and divergence of 1G product line engineering "clone and own" techniques when creating new training system variants, so that engineers can spend less time branching and merging duplicate copies of assets, and spend more time enhancing and adding new training features.
  • Expand beyond the source code focus of 1G product line engineering by applying consistent 2G variation management techniques across the full development lifecycle - from requirements to design, development, testing and maintenance.