BigLever Software and Telelogic Partner to Deliver the Industry’s First Integrated Model-Driven Development and Software Product Line Solution

New Rhapsody/Gears Bridge Solution Enables Companies to Incorporate the Management of Product Line Diversity into Model-Driven Development

AUSTIN, Texas – July 23, 2007 - BigLever Software™, a leading provider of software product line development tools and services, and Telelogic®, a leading global provider of software solutions for Enterprise Lifecycle Management, today announced the creation of a partnership aimed at meeting customer demand for the integration of model-driven development™ (MDD™) and software product line (SPL) technologies. With the unified capabilities of Telelogic’s Rhapsody® MDD solution and BigLever’s Gears™ SPL solution, both companies’ customers can realize major improvements in time-to-market, combined with the productivity gains of MDD and the dramatic increases in portfolio scalability delivered by SPL approaches.

The Telelogic Rhapsody/BigLever Gears Bridge solution is the industry’s first convergence of these synergistic technologies. While MDD technology provides a powerful enabler for the rapid development of individual products within a product line, as well as greater conceptual clarity for the maintenance and evolution of those products over time, companies face complex challenges in managing product diversity across a product line. Software product line methods and tools are specifically designed to provide these essential capabilities. The integration of MDD and SPL technologies provides a simple, elegant new approach that enables companies to effectively incorporate the management of product diversity into their MDD processes.

“Companies face complex challenges in creating and maintaining the embedded software needed to support a rapidly expanding product line portfolio,” said Gisela Wilson, director of IDC’s Product, Project and Portfolio Management Solutions service. “The industry’s growing array of product development tools and technologies provide specific capabilities for addressing various aspects of the portfolio development lifecycle; however, the combination of MDD and SPL methods delivers a more integrated approach. The integration of these highly complementary technologies allows development organizations to more effectively deal with software product line diversity across the entire portfolio development lifecycle.”

“The embedded/real-time software industry clearly recognizes the value of MDD and the resulting productivity and quality gains,” said Greg Sikes, executive vice president, Modeling Solutions at Telelogic. “The integration of Telelogic Rhapsody, and its support of MDD, with BigLever’s Gears, and its support of SPL, provides the embedded/real-time software development community with another major advancement in the ability to develop, maintain, and leverage reusable software assets.”

“As emerging SPL technologies have evolved, MDD has remained an under-served part of the SPL portfolio development lifecycle,” said Charles Krueger, chief executive officer of BigLever Software. “Telelogic and BigLever joined forces to address this problem at the request of a mutual customer and soon discovered much broader market demand for integrating these innovative technologies.

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