BigLever Software Announces New Program to Enable Quality Assurance as a Strategic Element of the Systems and Software Product Line Development Lifecycle

New Three-Point Program Provides a Pragmatic Methodology, Open Source Testing Integration Strategies and a Bridge Solution for Integrating Jazz™-based IBM® Rational® Quality Manager into BigLever's Software Product Line Lifecycle Framework™

AUSTIN, Texas – September 14, 2009 - BigLever Software, an industry-leading provider of software product line (SPL) development framework, tools and services, announced today a three-point program aimed at bringing quality assurance (QA) to complementary status with specification, design and implementation, as a strategic element of the systems and software product line development lifecycle. By addressing testing, verification and validation issues in tandem with product design and development, organizations can eliminate key bottlenecks that inhibit the product line development and delivery process. As a result, companies can realize the full benefit of SPL approaches to bring more new products and product features to market faster and more efficiently, while increasing overall product quality.

BigLever's industry-leading Gears SPL Lifecycle Framework provides the underlying capabilities companies need to integrate and leverage tools and assets across the full product line development lifecycle. With the new BigLever program, development organizations can create a configurable collection of test cases based on product line diversity and then manage those assets in tandem with other product line assets - such as requirements, models, and source code - to create and evolve a product line portfolio, smoothly and efficiently, through each stage of the lifecycle. This approach is epitomized by BigLever's integration of IBM Rational Quality Manager into the SPL Lifecycle Framework, which allows test suites to be automatically configured according to product features within a product line.

“Businesses are looking to new approaches and methodologies, like software product lines, to improve the way they deliver and maintain new and related software product ranges - as well as to innovate and diversify around existing ones. They are also looking to maximize previous investments in software tooling platforms and processes, and leverage widely available best of breed solutions,” says Bola Rotibi, Principal Analyst, Macehiter Ward-Dutton. “The ability to support a robust quality assurance and validation platform is the bedrock for confident, repeatable implementation that delivers on the goals and expectations defined at the outset. SPL platforms that provide the integration and interoperability with widely supported QA platforms needed to enable test assets that span product lines and align with related software artifacts will be highly regarded.”

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