"With the major development productivity gains delivered by SPL approaches, it is essential that companies address the QA end of the lifecycle in tandem with design and development," said Charles Krueger, BigLever Software CEO. "Otherwise, the development bottleneck is simply moved downstream to QA. By putting testing, verification and validation 'on par' with other strategic elements of the lifecycle, development teams can much more efficiently and effectively meet product line delivery objectives, which can ultimately result in greater profitability for the business."
"The integration of BigLever's SPL framework with IBM's Rational Quality Manager can extend the ability of our mutual customers to effectively manage complex product lines through the complete application lifecycle," said Richard Crisp, Director of Product Delivery, Requirements and Quality for IBM Rational Software. "With product line support from requirements management, through modeling and development, to quality management, customers can reduce their effort and cost in delivering software product lines."

About BigLever's Three-Point Program for SPL QA

The foundation of BigLever's new three-point program is an advanced, yet pragmatic, methodology that provides symmetry between the product line diversity in the specification, design and implementation assets at the front end of the lifecycle and the matching diversity in the validation, verification and testing assets at the back end of the lifecycle.

The second point in the new program provides integration strategies and techniques for open source unit testing frameworks, such as JUnit and CppUnit. Organizations can create and manage the diversity in their product line unit tests in parallel with the implementation of the diversity in the corresponding executable models and source code, thereby utilizing the BigLever SPL framework to automatically configure the unit tests to match the features in each of the products within the product line.

The centerpiece of the program is a new product offering - the IBM Rational Quality Manager/BigLever Software Gears Bridge. By integrating the Jazz-based Rational Quality Manager into BigLever's SPL Lifecycle Framework, the new bridge solution enables development organizations to define test case diversity based on product line features and to manage test plans as first-class product line assets in the SPL development lifecycle. BigLever has achieved Ready for IBM Rational software validation for this new Bridge solution, indicating that the integration meets Rational's requirements for safety and interoperability.

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