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The unmodified architecture, design, and source modules from Salion's initial baseline product served as the core assets for the product line. By utilizing the existing baseline product for core assets and off-the-shelf technology for software product line engineering and variation management, Salion made the transition to a reactive software product line approach in only 2 person-months of effort, which is two orders-of-magnitude less than previously reported efforts with proactive software product line transition efforts. They have subsequently deployed 16 commercial products in their product line, each with an average 95% software reuse and 90% reduction in engineering effort compared to the initial baseline product.

By taking a reactive software product line approach and using off-the-shelf product line engineering technology, Salion has been able to reap the benefits of software product lines while remaining agile in the face of turbulence in their application domain.

About BigLever Software: BigLever Software is an innovator and provider of software product line development tools that enable companies to better profit from their core competencies. BigLever solutions dramatically improve the productivity of a software development organization, allowing for faster time-to-market, larger product portfolios, reduced development cost per product, and higher quality for all products. BigLever is based in Austin, Texas.

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