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BigLever CEO Invited to Present Two Papers at 5th International Workshop on Product Family Engineering in Siena Italy

BigLever Software CEO, Dr. Charles Krueger, has been invited to give two presentations at the Fifth International Workshop on Product Family Engineering in Siena Italy, November 4-6, 2003. The presentations will be based on two technical papers to be published in the proceedings of the workshop.

The first paper, entitled "Salion's Exprience with a Reactive Software Product Line Approach", is co-authored with Salion's VP of Engineering Ross Buhrdorf and Chief Architect Dale Churchett. It describes the BigLever deployment at Salion that defined and set the standard for reactive approaches to software product lines. "Using a reactive software product line approach, Salion made the transition to software product lines with 2 person-months of effort, the equivalent of 1% of the effort required to build its baseline enterprise software product. This is two orders-of-magnitude less than the effort typically reported with proactive software product line transition efforts. Since the transition, Salion has achieved 90-day time-to-market intervals for seven new commercial products in its software product line, with each new product deployment requiring only 10% of the effort required to build its baseline enterprise software product. This report summarizes Salion's experience with a reactive software product line approach, some of the unique contributions of the experience, and generalizations that characterize how other organizations may benefit from reactive product line techniques."

The second paper, entitled "Towards a Taxonomy for Software Product Lines", draws from the history of software product lines and BigLever Software's experiences with the software industry to describe a unifying characterization of software product line practices. "Drawing from the growing number of software product line experiences and case studies, this report describes a taxonomy for characterizing different software product line approaches. The taxonomy helps to illuminate the general principles of software product line engineering and the effectiveness of different software product line solutions in different situations."

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