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BigLever Sponsors New All Volunteer Software Product Lines Site

Austin, Tx (April 13, 2004) - BigLever Software announces the sponsorship of a new community dedicated to software engineers and managers interested in understanding and developing "Software Product Lines".   Software product lines refers to engineering techniques for creating a collection of similar software systems from a shared set of software assets using a common means of production.  Using software product line techniques, companies such as Nokia, HP, Lucent, Philips, and Cummins have reduced time-to-market, engineering costs, and defect rates by factors of 3 to 50.   The Software Product Lines site ( is an all volunteer effort, coordinated and moderated by Charles Krueger, a 15 year veteran of the software reuse and software product line fields, and the founder and CEO of BigLever Software.

"Like all pioneers, software product line pioneers endured formidable risks, effort, and uncertainty to reap these benefits. Fortunately information, technology, and techniques are now available so that all software development organizations can predictably gain the same benefits without undue cost, risk, and effort", stated Charles Krueger.  "The source of the order-of-magnitude improvements from software product line techniques is strategic software reuse: consolidate commonality throughout the product line, strategically manage all product line variation, and aggressively eliminate all duplication of engineering effort."

The Software Product Lines site promotes participation and free discussion among software engineers interested in asking and answering questions about development of software product lines.  The site will also provide information on how to get started, success stories, articles and a variety of resource links from books to events to webinars on software product lines.  For more information visit the Software Product Lines website at .

About BigLever: BigLever Software is the premier provider of software mass customization technology and services for organizations that engineer software product lines. BigLever enables these organizations to gain the strategic benefits from their software product lines in less time, with greater return, and with less risk than current approaches.  BigLever is a privately funded solution provider company based in Austin, Texas.

For more information on BigLever, e-mail, call (512) 426-2227 or visit

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