BigLever Software Introduces Universal Configuration Management Bridge for the Gears Software Product Line Lifecycle Framework

AUSTIN, Texas – November 17, 2008 – BigLever Software™, an industry-leading provider of software product line (SPL) development tools, framework and services, today announced the release of the Gears Universal Configuration Management Bridge, a new solution that enables the easy integration of any configuration management system into the Gears SPL Lifecycle Framework. BigLever's innovative framework leverages tools and assets across the product line development lifecycle, allowing companies to deliver product diversity at the speed and efficiency it takes to satisfy today's cost-conscious “want it new, want it now” consumers and businesses.

Configuration management (CM) provides capabilities for synchronous evolution of the multitude of software artifacts that go into the predictable development, release and maintenance of software. By integrating configuration management into its SPL Lifecycle Framework, BigLever brings higher degrees of automation, efficiency and seamless user experience to the development and delivery of product lines. The new Gears Universal CM Bridge allows companies to manage the evolution of software product line assets over time, while the SPL framework efficiently manages the variations among the different products within the space of the product line portfolio. Thus the CM Bridge integrated into the SPL framework results in an elegant solution for managing both the variation in time and space for software product lines.

“It's critical we consistently deliver reliable new sites and features for our global customers. BigLever's Gears SPL framework enables us to simplify and automate the development and management of multiple products and product variations across the full development lifecycle,” commented Ross Buhrdorf, chief technology officer of HomeAway, Inc., which operates the world's leading vacation rental Web sites. “With the integration of CM into the SPL framework, HomeAway can more efficiently and rapidly evolve and expand our product line to meet the needs of our growing customer base.”

“In this challenging economic climate, it's even more crucial that we enable our customers to deliver a diverse product line quickly and cost effectively in order to be more competitive in their respective markets,” said Charles Krueger, BigLever's CEO. “The Universal Configuration Management Bridge and BigLever's SPL framework provide advanced, yet pragmatic, capabilities that are opening up new frontiers in innovation, efficiency and economy of scale, impacting the fundamentals of how companies deliver products.”

The Gears Universal Configuration Management Bridge supports all CM systems, including ClearCase, Synergy, Subversion, Perforce, and CVS. The SPL operations performed in Gears will cause the CM Bridge to automatically invoke all associated CM operations for the user. The CM Bridge allows both online and offline operation, so that users can continue to work effectively when disconnected from their CM system – for example, when traveling with their laptops.

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