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The Problem: Complexity of software product line portfolio development inhibits business-critical goals

Customer demands require most companies to offer a product line – a portfolio of closely related products with variations in features and functions – rather than just a single product. For development organizations that create standalone or embedded software for a product line portfolio, the ensuing complexity poses significant strategic and tactical challenges.

These development organizations must create, evolve and maintain intertwined software combinations and feature variations, dispersed across a multitude of products and on different production schedules. Managing this multiplicity and interdependency – across the entire software portfolio development lifecycle – is an exponentially complex and costly development problem.

Most importantly, these tactical development challenges are large enough to inhibit a company's ability to hit strategic market windows, provide competitive pricing, maximize product quality, and expand the scale and scope of their portfolio.

The Solution: Engineer your portfolio as though it is a single system

Emerging software product line (SPL) engineering tools, methods and techniques dramatically reduce the complexity and cost of portfolio development. BigLever's industry leading SPL solution allows development organizations to fully leverage these breakthrough benefits by engineering their product line portfolio as though it is a single system rather than a multitude of products.

By combining its award-winning Gears SPL engineering tool, SPL Lifecycle Framework and pragmatic 3-Tiered SPL Methodology, BigLever enables companies – regardless of size or industry – to successfully deploy the latest SPL technologies and techniques. This innovative combination of technology and methodology has played an instrumental role in establishing the industry's most acclaimed SPL practices.

With Gears, organizations across a broad spectrum of industries have achieved order-of-magnitude improvements in time-to-market, development cost, product quality, and portfolio scalability – improvements so large they impact the fundamentals of how companies compete.

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"Not since the advent of high-level programming languages have we seen such across the board, order of magnitude improvements in productivity, time to market, and quality brought about by the advent of software product line practice."

-- Paul Clements, coauthor of Software Product Lines book

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