BigLever's Product Line Engineering Solution

BigLever's Product Line Engineering (PLE) solution has enabled leading-edge organizations across a spectrum of industries to make a smooth, efficient transition to PLE practice. The BigLever PLE solution delivers the following essential elements needed to fully leverage the latest PLE advances and realize the order-of-magnitude business and technical benefits provided by PLE.

Lifecycle Framework: The Gears PLE Lifecycle Framework™ provides a common set of PLE concepts and constructs that enable the integration of tools, assets and processes across each stage of the engineering lifecycle – from requirements and design to implementation, testing, maintenance, and evolution.

Methodology: The BigLever 3-Tiered Methodology™ provides a pragmatic tiered approach that allows organizations to utilize feature-based methods to manage product diversity and asset variation in an automated production system, capable of producing all "flavors" of the products in a product line with the touch of a single button.

Enterprise Transformation: Working in collaboration with business and technical leadershship, BigLever brings the proven expertise needed to enable its customer organizations to successfully navigate the PLE enterprise transformation process – from the initial adoption strategy and planning, to the roll-out across business units or functional teams, to the ongoing evolution.

Three Dimensions of a Product Line Engineering Solution

The following graphic illustrates how the different PLE concepts and constructs provided by Gears expand an organization's tools and processes – making them product line aware – across the three dimensions of distinct and synchronous PLE concerns that must be addressed in a complete PLE solution:

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Multi-product: The feature-based variation management and automated production line necessary to engineer and deliver the products in a product line are provided directly by the Gears feature model, variation point mechanism and product configurator.

Multi-phase: The tools necessary to support the multiple phases of a PLE lifecycle are the same tools you use today, augmented by the Gears PLE Lifecycle Framework to provide consistent variation management and PLE operations.

Multi-baseline: Change management and configuration management for a product line are done on multiple evolving baselines of the PLE assets rather than on a multitude of individual product baselines.

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